Focusing on the Important Issues 

As a citizen of St. Louis County, I am tired of seeing politicians who are elected to work for us but instead put their politics over people. It's time for someone who will put the people first, all the people, no matter the municipality. As a leader, I am transparent, dedicated and ready to do the work that needs to be done. 

Social Justice 

  • Ensure the investigation of all police-related shootings & serious assaults are investigated by an outside counsel.

  • Advocate for the immediate investigation from outside counsel of racist & sexist activity of all law enforcement personnel and demand transparency throughout the investigation and any inappropriate findings will result in appropriate and fair punishment/discipline (i.e. the case of Millicent Williams) which is our Battle Cry for Zero Tolerance.

  •  Penalize/Punish Municipalities that Practice Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops in Violation of Missouri Revised Statute 590.501.

  •  Ensure that all Municipalities in St. Louis County are Accredited/Certified by 2021 in accordance with Missouri Senate Bill No. 5.

  • Oversight of the operation of the St. Louis County Justice Center ensuring Fair Treatment of Detainees & the Investigative Status of the Deaths of 5 inmates that occurred in 2019.

  • Ensure Police Department Demographics of St. Louis County & Municipalities Reflect the Demographics of the served communities as required by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies & the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Organization.

  • Advocate for County Wide Oversight Police Review Board and enable board members to have subpoena power.

  • Advocate for prompt responses from the public to the St. Louis County Council in order to promote accountability and transparency.

  • Hold quarterly Town Hall Meetings for Municipalities divided by North, East, South, and West.

  • Advocate and support The civil rights for all St. Louis County Residents, more specifically women, minorities, and the LGBTQ Community.

  • Advocate for effective, efficient, and justice reform to rebuild the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Departments so as to garner trust, transparency, and fairness to St. Louis County Residents.

Economic Justice 

  •  Full Employment Opportunities for All and Advocate an Increase in minimum wage to $15 an hour.

  • St. Louis County Workforce and Boards should reflect the Racial/Ethnic Composition of the County.

  •  Support the Growth and Development of under-served Small Businesses.

  • Protect and Advocate the Rights and Fair Wage/Benefits for St. Louis County Workers to include Equal Pay for Women.

  • Ensure a fair, inclusive, and safe work environment for all St. Louis County employees.

  • Support Fair Housing and Lending for All St. Louis County Residents.

  •  Legislation to Punish Businesses that are involved in Predatory Lending Practices.

  • Assist St. Louis County Employees and Small Businesses in regaining employment and operation post COVID-19.

  • Equal Education Opportunities in all St. Louis County School Districts. Review of Proposition P Distribution.

  • Oppose St. Louis County/City Merger

Health Justice 

  • Ensure COVID-19 Testing/Treatment to all St. Louis County Residents as necessary at no charge to the uninsured.

  • Elimination of Health Inequity and Social Injustice of the low income, & uninsured to include African American Females which disparagement has been proven through national statistics.

Environmental Justice 

  • Oppose environmental racism that African Americans of the St. Louis Metropolitan area are exposed to at considerable greater risks than their Caucasian counterparts, which contributes to stark racial disparities regarding health, economic burdens, and quality of life (These findings were published by the Washington University of St. Louis’s campus newspaper, The Source, on 9-3-19. The study was conducted by the Washington University of St. Louis School of Law’s Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic).

The Committee to Elect Elizabeth Mitchell: 

Voter Rights for Felons 

There have been many misconceptions regarding persons with arrest records having a right to vote. To this end, many former incarcerated persons do not register to vote due to lack of knowledge and education relative to their rights. We want to provide the correct and legal information and encourage any citizen fitting these categories not only to register, but to make their voices heard in the power of THE VOTE! We will not allow this lack of knowledge to be yet another form of VOTER SUPPRESSION for our citizens! The below information was provided by the St. Louis County Board of Elections:

To register to vote in St. Louis County, you must be:
• 17 ½ years of age (18 years old by Election Day);
• U.S. Citizen;
• St. Louis County resident;
• Not judicially declared adjudicated or incapacitated;
• Not be imprisoned;
• Not be on probation or parole after conviction of a felony;
• Not convicted of a felony or misdemeanor connected to voting.
Important Note:
• Persons currently on felony probation with an "SIS" (Suspended Imposition of Sentence) are eligible to vote;
• Persons currently in jail awaiting trial are eligible to vote;
• Persons on felony probation supervision with an "SES" (Suspended Execution of Sentence) cannot vote until completion of their sentence.

• Valid Driver’s License or State ID, Passport or Military ID;
• Copy of Birth Certificate, Native Tribal Document;
• Current Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Paycheck, Government Check or other Government document that contains the current name and address of the voter.

Your Voter Registration Application must be POSTMARKED by the fourth Wednesday before the election in order to be eligible to vote in that election.

Every eligible citizen has a right to participate in the voting process. Each month, the court system provides election authorities with a list of persons in their jurisdictions who have received convictions for felonies (SES probation or imprisoned in the Missouri Department of Corrections or misdemeanors for voting infractions). This data is used to update the voter registration database.

In Missouri, individuals convicted of a felony are entitled to have their voting rights restored upon completion of their sentence, probation and parole, as long as they were not convicted of an offense associated with voting or election fraud.

Important Note:

• Persons currently on felony probation with an "SIS" (Suspended Imposition of Sentence) are eligible to vote;
• Persons currently in jail awaiting trial are eligible to vote;
• Persons on felony probation supervision with an "SES" (Suspended Execution of Sentence) cannot vote until completion of their sentence.

To register to vote, follow the “How to Register” section.

*Preferred registration method IN-PERSON. You must bring your probation or parole discharge papers with you and acceptable ID. You may contact the probation department to help obtain your discharge letter; 314-340-3801.

Contact Us: 

St. Louis County Board of Elections - 725 Northwest Plaza Dr, St. Ann, MO 63074

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm


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