About Betsey

Elizabeth (Betsey) Mitchell is a former educator and business owner. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harris Stowe University and Maryville University, with Master of Arts in Education with a Principal Certification; Missouri Baptist University with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry; and University of Missouri St. Louis with a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management and Leadership. Elizabeth currently serves as Administrative Counsel and Lay Servant for her church, Unity United Methodist of Webster Groves Missouri and is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated

Currently, Elizabeth is the CEO of E. Mitchell Enterprises, which is an exclusive catering and packaging company with affiliate Carol Jackson Ministries Inc. E. Mitchell Enterprises provided over 10,000 meals for PepsiCo for the summer Food for Fun program in 2018. E. Mitchell Enterprises also provides meals to youth at the Matthew Dickey’s Boys Cub and various after school church programs. She is passionate about fighting the hunger problem that plagues our city and believes in fighting hunger one meal at a time. Elizabeth is also a partner of Pashon Consulting Inc., LLC providing administrative services in assisting non-profit organizations in gaining incorporation, tax exempt, and 501(c)3 status. For more information on Pashon Consulting Inc., see http://www.pashonconsultinginc.com

Elizabeth lived in Olivette for over 25 years and currently resides in University City, Missouri, where she cares for her elderly mother. Elizabeth is a widow and has two adult children , Rachel Simone who resides in St. Louis Missouri, and Justin Ruben who resides in Washington DC.


Supreme Court Victory

Mitchell VS Kardesch 313 S.W.3d 667 (MO. app. 2010)

In June of 2010, I Elizabeth (Betsey) Mitchell, a long time St. Louis educator and entrepreneur, came to the end of a 10-year battle of fighting an unjust and racist medical, political, and judicial system. The metaphorical deck appeared to be stacked against me at the very beginning, but that did not stop me from battling my case all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court. I owed it to my two young children left without a father to do whatever I could to right this despicable and painful wrong that would change their lives forever. A physician’s negligence had allowed my husband to suddenly take his last breath. Although the resulting settlement was a mere pittance when it came to the value of the life of a “good man”, my children had great role models in their mother and grandmother . . . strong women they could respect and admire for never giving up.

That same determination now reigns in me, an unexpected candidate for St. Louis County Executive. “What better time to make the necessary changes in order to save our neighborhoods, under served schools, and address a lack of available community resources? My desire is to minimize the divisions of the privileged and underprivileged to disallow fear and hopelessness to overcome our right to live a productive life. My passion is to give our children permission to dream impossible dreams in spite of the “new normal” of a deadly pandemic that’s likely to be around for quite some time. I ask . . . are we “really” all in this together?” I invite you to read about my relentless historical contribution, 313 S.W.3d 667 (Mo. App. 2010) Supreme Court of Missouri. The question then is to ask yourselves, am I a person who you can count on to work tirelessly regardless of the odds?

Make That Change

Social Justice Curriculum Created to Teach Students About Diversity 

Make That Change was created by Elizabeth Mitchell to supplement the lack of social justice and diversity education in schools. It provides " key components for teaching social justice and incorporating common core state standards in literacy, social studies and art." Make That Change has been certified by The Library of Congress.

Why You Should Vote for Betsey

"I've lived in St. Louis County for more than 47 years and I believe that I can provide effective, efficient, and fair leadership as County Executive. I'm asking for your vote so that, together, we can ensure a better tomorrow for all of our residents. Putting people before policy is my motto."

- Elizabeth Mitchell

Betsey Mitchell 2020
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