No Matter the Municipality 

We Are One County Strong 

Official Candidate for the Missouri Green Party 

Green is the of color growth, revitalization - change. That is exactly what this county needs, change. We need to ensure that the needs of all  our residents are represented. It is also time to embrace a greener approach to government - we have one planet, and we have to do all we can to protect it. 

Working to Create a More Unified County

It is time to stop thinking of ourselves as different municipalities. All residents in our county should be afforded the same opportunities and benefits, no questions about it. I am dedicated to seeing that the areas that are prospering continue to do so and the ones that need uplifting have the support to do so  


People Over Politics

I am committed to putting our residents first, and any policies I put forth will be directly aimed towards the well being of all. If you have a question or a concern, I'm here to listen and engage in dialogue with anyone who has ideas on how to make our county better.  


Betsey Mitchell 2020
Brought to you by The Committee to Elect Betsey Mitchell 
Treasurer: Carol A. Jackson 

Get out and vote August 4 & November 3!